Board of Directors

We are a collaboration of individuals, families, advocates and professionals working together in New Mexico.

Executive Officers

Kristina Martinez

President and Founding Member

“First and foremost I’m a mom with a son on the autism spectrum and a proud advocate. I have years of experience in the non-profit realm as well as volunteer work in assisting ASD students in their education. I am a graduate of Partners in Policymaking and have dedicated myself to building strong and lasting relationships in the autism community throughout the state. It was my experience and love for my son that drove me to start Elevate The Spectrum.”

Tarra Main

Vice President and Founding Member

“I am a dedicated mother, having 2 children on the spectrum, and fierce advocate. In addition to Elevate The Spectrum, I also sit on the Board of Directors for New Mexico’s Developmental Disabilities Planning Council where I work alongside experts from around the state to ensure quality and fair access to the developmentally disabled community. It is my experience in autism and non-profits that led me to join the founding members in starting Elevate The Spectrum because I understood the importance of having a compassionate and accepting community.”

Megan Garrigan


Jessica Kamm


“I joined ETS in order to advocate for those of us who have siblings on the spectrum. Anyone that grows up with a brother or sister with autism knows it is not easy and we have to grow up a little faster than most kids. I’m here so show my support and let the siblings know you are not alone.
My hope for ETS is that we can get siblings more engaged in the autism community. I would like to see support groups for the younger siblings as well as support groups for older siblings who will also be the future caregivers for their brothers and sisters.”

We work to empower communities to elevate individuals on the autism spectrum and their families through inclusion, advocacy, and friendship.

Board Members

Valentin Anaya
Jason Barker
Robert Bundy

“My name is Rob and I am 34, almost 35 years old and I have autism. I joined Elevate The Spectrum because I want to help put together fun events like Jumping at the jumping gyms and help with pictures because I love photography. I also would like to help give advice to parents about helping kids with autism.”

Joel Davis
Laurel Deans
Sabrina Gossett
Nikki Ornelas
Nikki Overton
Jennifer Sanchez

“I joined ETS because I want to continue to help make a difference for individuals and families living with autism. I am the proud mama of 3 amazing kids, 1 of which is on the spectrum. My experience includes years with an autism-specific non-profit and volunteer work in the schools working with both general and special education classes. I am currently working on my bachelor’s in special education as well as a board member for NM’s Developmental Disabilities Planning Council.”

Diana Stone
Angela Chavez-Adkins – Press Secretary

“My son, Joshua was diagnosed at the age of two. I joined Elevate the Spectrum because our family had to seek out-of-state help in order to get a diagnosis and had to move to Albuquerque for therapy due to a lack of resources in rural New Mexico. I also wanted to connect with similarly situated families.
I have a BA in Communications and Journalism as well as a law degree. The majority of my legal career was spent representing people with disabilities in Social Security matters. Prior to law school, I worked in city, state and national politics. I am most proud of being a part of the team that acquired six million dollars for New Mexico Pre-K.
I am grateful to the Elevate the Spectrum board for allowing me to use my past experience in a way that directly benefits my son and our community.”

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